Bra and Scarf

Bra and Scarf

Bra and Scarf What to try something new? Say goodbye to full tops and hello to bra-tops and scarves. Spring and Summer 2022, we have seen top models to celebrities are wearing bra tops and scarfs.

Bra-tops that are unattached or attached are in season. The top Brazilian model, Barbara Valente, walked the runways of Hermes Spring/Summer 2022, and she rocked that bra-top. How can we forget the beautiful Sydney Sweeney first appearance on Late-Night Show with her drop died sexy bra-top dress.

A shout out to our beautiful curve model, Paloma Elesser. Who rocked the spring and summer 2022 Michael Kors fashion show wearing a bra-top.

More way to keep sexy comfortable, of course, scarf; scarf-tops are hot and fashion-forward. Let your twins bounce in the comfort of a silky scarf. We have seen this trend on the rise, and it is staying. So ladies, be free.

PS: Our scarf-tops are coming soon.

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