CUT, CUT, CUT, CUT, CUT, wait, stop. YES! Cut-Outs are hot, and it's trending--it here for the long run.

We have seen the Hadid's (Gigi and Bella) walking down the runway with the most beautiful cut-outs dresses at name brands designers. Kendall was spotted wearing a full cut-out black dress at Lauren Perez's wedding. Can we say HOT! BUT Wait! can we stop and say hello to Dua Lipa. Her black cut-out dress is a show stopper.

Cut-outs are more daring and sexy than ever before. Give me 2, 0, 2, and a 2.

We now live in a world of loving our bodies. Whatever size it may be, show it off with cut-outs. Who cares what other people think. It's are about your freedom of expression. Walk down the streets, or walk into a grocery store and be the show. Liberate self, and only then are you the cut-out of yourself.

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