Burst of Color

Burst of Color

YASSSS! Finally! Let's talk color! The white trend is clean, fresh, and sophisticated. So what is bright and fun, COLOR.

Now is the time to express yourself as an individual with fun colors and patterns—the time and place where we are now, color matters. We all have been so suppressed and stuck on what we can and cannot do for the last two years. Let's add color and expression to our daily wear and allow us to express how we feel, enabling others to see joy via our clothes.

We have seen so many fashion houses rocking the color trend, such as PRADA, Versace, Gucci, Emilio Pucci, and Etro. The fun of color on their runways vibrates the dopamine in your brain, creating a festive collection. Since we are on the topic of PRADA, could we please stop for a second and applause the simultaneous fashion show in Milan and Shang Hai? In our opinion, this is one of the most inclusive fashion shows of the season.

Let the color soak into your soul so we all can vibe a better world together.

Top Trending Colors:
Primary Blue
Canary Yellow/Radiant Yellow
Hot Pink
Sky Blue/Cerulean
Soft Lilac/Lavender
Very Peri
Tangy Lime/Green
Kelly Green
Salted Caramel/Nude

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